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Do this as many as half a dozen times. Software providers are encouraged to create multiple games with a single progressive jackpot as this helps to grow the jackpot amount faster. Take note that a progressive slot does not only take a part of their bets spent on one machine, it takes it from several in the case of local progressive slots. Minor and Mini jackpots are usually not progressive but rather stay at $50 and $10, depending on the denomination chosen, without increasing. Therefore, the pot can never go beyond this limit.


The seed amount refers to the initial sum that the jackpot starts from after being won. Once you do, there is also the requirement of winning the main jackpot prize out of the smaller iterations of it along with the instant cash prizes. It is, of course, not possible to know when it will reach 100%, but it is also not possible to ignore a simple fact: if a progressive jackpot slot has already made a payment, do not expect another payout for a long period of time. Top Dog Casinos looks at why many online casino stakeholders are asking if technology, AI to be specific, can cut down problem gambling. Meaning of Progressive Slots, Progressive Slots explained.

There are equations that you can use to determine how much you need to spend to advance a progressive jackpot to its must-win-by amount. Might Cash is a good example of a progressive slot with no bet requirement for any of its progressive jackpot prizes. Explore this page to get familiar with progressive slot machines! One of the most common versions is the quarter version, which has a starting jackpot of $200,000. The jackpot on this game has gotten close to $2 million in the past, but it’s usually won when it’s still under $1 million. If your casino doesn’t have the convenience of telling you must-hit-by amounts, you invest your time and figure out what that is.

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